APPLIED ART FORMS is a fashion label drawing inspiration from utilitarian, military and workwear clothing. A/A/F celebrates authentic manufacturing techniques from both Europe and Japan with carefully selected fabrics and elevated constructions. Garments are sustainably crafted and designed to last a lifetime – and to improve with age.

The central A/A/F design studio is located in Amsterdam and houses a large collection of vintage pieces, each re-contextualised into modern silhouettes designed to be used everyday. Screen printed graphic artworks and other exclusive treatments done by hand at our studio make the collection flexible and diverse with unique, one-of-a kind items.

In 2023, A/A/F launched the Canal House Line: artisanal items made in-house at our atelier in Amsterdam. Check out the C.H.L Boro Liner, constructed from a selection of antique Japanese indigo boro fabrics from the 19th century. Fully hand-made, down to its hand-stitched buttonholes.

Read our ORIGINS articles to find out more about our design process and the unique stories behind our most intricate pieces. Do you have any questions about our collection? Feel free to contact us at help@appliedartforms.com.